Electric Hand Planer Woodworking Wood Cutting Tool Machine


Do you want to deal with wood and need a wood planer? To support your work, we created our hand planer, to round off all the sharp edges on wood planks in order to you get the result you want.

A 6-Amp motor powers the electric planer, which can increase job output up to ten times greater than hand planing. Let the electric hand planer handle the work by just placing it on top of your hardwood board.

What’s more, the hand wood planer easily captures all the wood that has been easily shaved off in addition to skimming off the top layer of every wooden board. The ease with which cleanup is made encourages you to use
more regularly use a hand-held planer.


HIGH ACCURACY – Leveling wood components is necessary for several woodworking jobs so that they can all fit together perfectly. Our electric wood planer has a depth adjustment knob, so it can always remove wood at the same depth.

TIME SAVING – Using several planks of wood in a single day is very challenging when done manually. Your wood planks will be smooth with just a few passes of our wood planer, taking only a few minutes to complete.

DUST COLLECTING – When working with wood, your workspace can become very cluttered with tiny bits of sawdust. Our hand planer simply collects whatever sawdust it removes, cutting cleanup time in half.