EMF Radiation Detection Meter

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1. The tester is used to assess the magnetic and electric fields of home electronics like televisions.
2. With a broad range of uses, this radiation tester is appropriate for ordinary families, electrical companies, pregnant women, etc.
3. This tester, which is portable and useful for measuring, is used to detect electromagnetic and electric field radiation.
4. It is simple to use, has a high sensitivity sensor, and effectively ensures the correctness of the test results.
5. More practical to use; audible alert indicator, low battery indicator, data hold indicator, and automated shut-down feature.
6. The item contains a flashlight feature to make the light visible in the dark.
7. It is the top option for both indoor and outdoor use and is simple to transport.
8. Data retention and maximum measurement: one key locking data. Multi-unit conversion: mg/ t/(v/m)/°C/°F.

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1. Ambient Temperature Display Area
2. Temperature Unit
3. Maximum Indicator
4. Audible Alarm Indicator
5. Data Hold Indicator
6. Low Battery Indicator
7. Electric Field Strength Unit
8. Unit of Electromagnetic Field Strength
9. Measurement Value Display Area

Electromagnetic Field Strength Measurement:
Range: 0.1-199.9mG, 0.01-19.99μT

Resolution: 0.1mG/0.01μT

Alarm Threshold: >4.0mG, >0.4μT

Electric Field Strength Measurement:

Range: 1-1999V/M

Resolution: 1V/M

Alarm Threshold:>40V/M

Ambient Temperature Measurement:
Range: 0-50℃, 32-122℉

Resolution: 1℃/℉

Alarm Threshold: ±1.5℃/3℉

Frequency Range: 5Hz-3500MHz

Automatic Shut-down: 15 Minutes of Inactivity

Low Battery Icon: <6.8V

Operating Temperature: 0-40℃/32-104℉, 45%-80%RH

Power Source: 1 x 9V 6F22 Battery (Not Included)

Package List:

1 x Electromagnetic Field Tester

1 x Manual