Outdoor BBQ Grill Patio Backyard Meat Cooker Smoker


Would you like to enjoy cooking wherever and whenever? The BBQ Patio Grill will be the greatest option for you. Since it has a small footprint and a multi-function oven with a spherical design, this device can be simply moved anywhere and used for cooking. The main chamber and side smoker are seamlessly connected, which aids in heating up rapidly and maintaining warmth.


1. The main chamber and side smoker are connected seamlessly, which helps the room heat up rapidly and maintain its warmth.
2. Using an expert thermometer. Damper that may be adjusted for optimum airflow.
3. It is simple to set up, operate, and clean.
4. Designed with two wheels for ease of movement and comfort while moving around your lawn
5. The top lid is equipped with a thermometer that you can easily read the temperature on. The use of wooden handles efficiently protects you from burning
6. The front wood shelf is made to accommodate easy access grilling equipment or spices.
7. Ideal for use by families and even while entertaining a few friends

1. Color: Black
2. Material: Steel

3. Cooking Height: 75cm / 29.6 Inches
4. Main Chamber: Dia 30.5cm / 12 Inch
5. Side Smoker: Dia 30.5cm / 12 Inch
6. Main Chamber Cooking Area: (24.4 x 11.8)” / (61.98 x 29.97)cm(L x W)
7. Side Smoker Cooking Area: (11.8 X 11.8)” / (29.97 x 29.97)cm(L x W)
8. Wooden Shelf Area: (24.4 X 8.5)” / (61.98 x 21.59)cm(L x W)
9. Thickness Of Material?0.6 mm
10. Product Size: (44.1 x 25.1 x 44.7)” / (112.01 x 63.75 x 113.54)cm(L x W)

Package Includes:
1 x Charcoal Grill
1 x User Manual