Projector Screen with Stand Outdoor Indoor Screen 120 inch 16:9 HD 4K

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Projector Screen with Stand Outdoor Indoor Screen 120 inch 16:9 HD 4K

Have you ever considered trying to recreate the theater experience at home or even outside? A 120′ portable projector screen with stand is available from Tagital. It is intended for regular indoor and outdoor home enjoyment. It is remarkably clear, portable, stable, and simple to assemble. Choose our Outdoor Projector Screen, and spend a pleasant evening with your loved ones or friends!

Projector Screen with Stand Outdoor Indoor Screen 120 inch 16:9 HD 4K Features:

120” Portable Projector Screen with Stand

Self-supporting projector screen for use both indoors and outside
An original tripod design, This outdoor movie screen has a robust, self-supporting platform thanks to two tripods. They may be folded, simply unfolded, and assembled with just one screw on each side.
Simple to Set Up: There is an elastic rope that connects each pair of poles, making it simple to join them and difficult for them to fall apart. 120-inch projector screen assembly just takes a few minutes.
Lightweight and transportable: Weighing only 9 lbs, this projector screen and stand can be quickly folded into the little bag that is provided, making it ideal for outdoor activities like camping.
Large Size and Excellent Image Quality: This projector screen outdoor will help you turn any space into an authentic-looking theater thanks to its 120-inch diagonal size and superb image quality.
Easy to Store and Maintain: This outdoor home cinema screen is made of sturdy polyester fabric, which resists wrinkles and is very simple to clean with water and soap.
One for All: You may use this 120-inch projector screen for presentations, movies, picnics, birthday parties, and pool parties.
This outdoor movie projector screen is compatible with LCD, DLP, and LED projectors.


  • Viewing Diagonal: 120 in (16:9)
  • Projection: Front and Rear
  • Product Size (Fully Assembled): 107 x 71 x 17 in
  • Carrying Bag Size: 20.2 x 10.2 x 3.3 in
  • Weight: 9 lbs.