Automatic Smart Pet Feeder With Camera

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Your time may be consumed by your regular job schedule, sporadic business travel, and weekend social events with pals.

You are fortunate to have found this automatic dog feeder, which can be used with a mobile phone’s WiFi to function. With it, you may remotely feed both manually and automatically as well as regularly and quantitatively. The feeder can hold a lot of food. With this feeder, you no longer have to worry about starving your pet even if you must be away from home for a few days due to work or another reason.

pet feeder

Tray Made of ABS

The smart feeder’s tray is composed of BPA-free ABS. This ensures a nutritious diet for your pet and increases safety.
Because it is simple to remove, you may routinely clean the dishes for your pet.


Large Capacity

Large Capacity

Pet Food disposer own 4.5L(275 cu in). Pet can be fed a few days at a time. Suitable for dry food only and the food size should be LESS THAN 14mm.

large capacity


Remote Feeding

When your cat feeder arrives. To download and install an app, scan the QR code. That you can feed when you’re at work, a friend’s house, or anywhere on a short trip.

remote control

2 feeding methods

Automatic feeding: You can set time to feed your pet;
Manual feeding: Click it, the feeder send a portion of food to your pet.

auto pet feeder

Timing & Quantitative

Smart wifi auto dog feeder can be set the timing and quantitative on the APP in advance. Even you’re wake up late, go to travel,party and any place, You pet can be cared by smart wifi auto pet feeder.

timing and quantita


This smart feeder suitable for all sizes of cats and small medium dogs,little hamsters, rabbits.