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Do you always feel helpless when you couldn’t catch up with the speaker?

A small powerful HD audio recorder, perfect for many situations: recording lectures, voice, meetings – or even ghost hunting! With USB for easy use, this portable recorder is always handy, with large memory and battery life.

Do you keep forgetting to turn on the recorder during important meetings?

You can use our voice recorder when giving speeches with just a simple one-click recordings and saving. It can be voice activated in case if you forget to turn it on during speeches/meetings.

Record Interviews & Meetings

Riderlygear Voice recorder can be used in important meetings and interviews. Equipped with voice activation to capture important questions and points that will help you to achieve success and further your career

Never forget to take
notes During Class.

A necessary voice recorder for high school/college students who desire to excel academically by recording as much
lecture content as possible.

Easy File Transfers

IOS/Window Just connect your voice recorder to your Mac/PC using a USB cable and drag the files over to your PC. It can also record while being charged!

Note: Don’t forget to synchronize the recorder’s time with your local time first.

Running low of Storage?

32GB!! Storage , you can store approximately 14,000 songs or 520 hours of recorded recordings. With a complete 2 hour charge, you can record for up to 20 hours continuously, with no need for additional memory cards.

Super Lightweight & Perfectly Crafted

Special design & Professional look commonly used by professionals/businessmen/women to collect data in writing while recording during the interviews, business, speeches.

Convenient for Writers &
Visionary People

Have pop-up ideas? Now you can both write it down and record your ideas at the same time with our multi-purposes recorder.

How to use this voice recorder



What Our Customers are Saying!

Voice Recorder

Voice-Activated Pen Recorder for 400 Hours with Earphones and USB

Voices up to 50 feet apart can be recorded and listened to using earphones (included) or a monitor.

Our Thin Pen Voice Activated Recorder is simple to use and can record crystal-clear voice up to 50 feet away. The VP-78 has a high-gain microphone,  a 20-hour rechargeable battery, and 400 hours of recording storage.


  • Professional quality voice recordings
  • Voice activation records only the conversations you want
  • Discreet – No beeps, sounds, lights or visible buttons
  • Long-range microphone captures voices clearly up to 50 feet
  • Easy to use – slide the pocket clip to start & stop recording

  • Includes earphones
  • Windows & Mac compatible (USB)
  • 400 hours of storage memory
  • 20 hours of battery runtime
  • Thin size – just 0.44″ thick
  • Auto Level Control for ultra-clear voice recordings

Simply press the pocket clip downwards to begin filming. Slide the pocket clip back up to avoid filming.

In voice-activated record mode, the pen begins recording automatically when a human voice is heard and stops recording when the voices cease.

Listen to your recordings directly from the pen using the provided earphones, or link to any PC or Mac device to listen, save, erase, or share them.

Spy Pen Audio Voice Recorder


  • Storage: 400 hours (32 GB)
  • Battery runtime: 20 hours
  • Recording activation: Slide pocket clip to start and stop
  • Voice-activated or continuous recording
  • Standard MP3 format
  • Recharge time: 2 hours (USB)

  • Earphone and USB compatible
  • OS Compatibility: MAC & Windows, Android
  • Weight: 18 grams
  • Length: 5.25″
  • Width: .44″
  • 1-year warranty

Package Includes: 

  • VP-78 Thin Voice Recorder Pen
  • Earphones
  • Wired remote control
  • USB Cable
  • Manual
  • 2 Ink Refills

16 Hour Thin Voice Activated Recording Pen

Customer Reviews

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Nice and nifty pen

I forget half the stuff that happens in my day since I started working from home. Finding the balance between work and life has made remembering phone conversations difficult so this little pen is great for that :D

Neat handy little device

What a neat little device. I initially got it for the many conferences that I attend to assist in note taking but let me tell y’all, I use it for everything. For my grocery list, anything I need to personally remember, etc. Easy to set up and begin using.

Great recording quality, easy to operate, helps tremendously with taking notes

I used this during a job interview to help me take notes. It recorded everything perfectly, even when someone was speaking from 6-7 feet away (social distancing!) The only (minor) issue was when I was writing my notes (it IS a pen, after all), the scratching of the pen on the paper was recorded pretty prominently, but it did not drown out the voices.

Very Good product and seller.

I like this product. It is easy to use and good looking. It has very good performance as we'll as nice voice recording quality. I got this item very quick, fast ship and delivery.

Helps me document important lesson

I got this for my college classes. I am able to record the lesson and listen back to jot down any notes that I may have missed during class. Super simple to use, after booting,click to start recording and click again to stop. It can't get any easier than that right.